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At his well equipped studio in Birmingham, expert Tattooist and piercer Andy is busy most days of the week etching and bringing to life fabulous designs on to people’s skins so that they will become beautiful walking pieces of art themselves, as they wear and flaunt it on their bodies for the rest of their lives. With over 18 years of practical experience in the area of tattooing, people of all ages and races have trusted his designing skills and technical expertise in coming up with the most creative and wonderful tattoos to adorn their bodies with.

Andy specialises in freehand work, Celtic/tribal designs, new school designs, Japanese designs and others. He also does body piercing works and covering up or modifying of older tattoos. You could also choose from one of his flash designs that decorate the walls of his studio or get one designed according to your specifications in any language, art form and colour combination.

As a professional tattooist, Andy and his studio come fully registered with the Environmental health officers under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982. Hygiene instructions regarding sterilising, using and disposing off of tattoo supplies are carefully followed and the studio is regularly cleaned and disinfected to minimise risks by cross contamination. Guidelines for aftercare are also specified at the studio, and should be followed by the client for the tattoo to heal quickly without any risk of infections and for it to look its best on your skin.

If you are unsure which part of the body to place the tattoo, Andy can suggest different possibilities based on how big the design or pattern is. Issues such as flow of the design, your specific body type, muscle structures, bone and nerve endings of the chosen area, all come into consideration and will be discussed thoroughly with the client before accepting their consent.

If you have a concept for a tattoo in your mind that you want to bring to life, stop over to speak to our ace Tattooist Andy at his studio in Birmingham today. Our address is 1193 Tyburn Road, Pype Hayes, Erdington, Birmingham, B24 0TE. You can also call us on 07967 261031 or Email: for any queries or feedback you might have.